Monday, 18 November 2019

Ladies Need to Stop Doing this Things to Their Intimate Parts

The only way to prevent for bacteria, is to take adequate care of your intimate area. Today the market offers lot of products that can improve the health on the intimate areas of women and stop odor.

Intimate Parts
To take a proper care of your body, you need to follow these simple tips:

If you use this method, you will need to sit down in a chair while you smoke a bowl of tea. The tea can be a combination form herbs and wormwood.

This is a Chinese method, which allows the steam to enter the body and clean the intimate area and the uterus. It also hold the infections away from your body.

According to doctors, women need to stay away from gels and products for the intimate area. They claim that these products can cause infection on the intimate parts that can lead to infertility, and they are also linked to other health issues.

Doctors say that women should only clean the surface of the intimate areas. They also say that women must pay attention on this two things: always wipe from front to back while using toilet, and while taking shower clean the intimate area only with hot water, no gels of other products.

Fragrant soaps and detergents
The number one reason for irritation in the genital area in women and teenage girls is soap. Soaps usually contain chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin.

We all know that the genital area is the most sensitive skin on our bodies. Soaps are made to break up the oil, but they break up the oil that actually protects the skin.

This may cause skin dryness. Again, use only how water when you shower.

Don’t forget this tips and also don’t forget that taking care of your intimate parts is very important.


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