Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The Position Of The Acne On Your Body Indicates Of Which Disease You Suffer

Dermatologists have a hidden power, their secret is that they can assume by just a glance of your skin how processes work in your body, is anything wrong with some organ. This is called mapping of the body and it can help solve a lot of mysteries. The method belongs to alternative medicine and its roots are from Chinese medicine. So, map your body and find out what are the possible causes of your acne and defeat them.

Area 1: Hormones
This is the area for your chin and neck, and if you have acne in this area, it might be an indication of too much stress, adrenal gland issue or too much sweets and soda.

Area 2 and 3: High Stress Levels
This is also a red alert that you might have a lot of stress in your life and your immunity suffers for it.

Area 4: Stomach
This area represents the acne on your chest, and they indicate that you might eat too much junk good or you suffer from bad digestion.

Area 5 and 6: Vitamin Insufficiency
If you have acne in your area, try a more healthy diet with more vegetables and fruits.

Area 7: Blood Sugar
Area 7 is your stomach and any acne there indicates that you have high blood sugar.

Area 8: Personal Hygiene or STDs
Well, poor hygiene is probably the cause of acne in this area, but if you have warts, then it’s something worse, because warts are a symptom of sexually transmitted disease.

Area 9 and 10: Allergies or Dermal Problems
Acnes on the hips and upper legs indicate allergies, probably the detergent you use or some make up. And even the products you use to wax or shave can cause allergies and acne on your lower legs.

Area 11 and 12: Digestion or Nervous System
This areas are the upper back and the back. So, if you have acne here it’s an indication that you are consuming too much calories, or you’re not getting enough sleep and are mentally overloaded.

Area 13 and 14: Digestion
Acne on the chest usually signal that something is wrong with the system of digestion or that you eat unhealthy food, so make a change in your diet and your acne will disappear.


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