Wednesday, 27 November 2019

What Does Your Nose Says About Your Personality?

Maybe it sounds strange, but according to professor Abraham Tamir, from the Negev University from Israel, says that your nose shape can say a lot about your personality. The professor conducted a study that examined the link between the shape of the nose and the characteristics of personality. The results were published in “Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.” Here’s what they say:

1. Nubian nose – You are curious and you like to investigate. You are optimistic you care about others. You’re a good company. Always find solutions to problems.

2. Greek nose – you are a reserved person and you don’t like to be the center of attention. You’re practical and reliable, but can not talk openly about your feelings.

3. Pirate nose – you have imagination and you are not selfish at all. Fight for what you believe and take risks to achieve your goals.

4. Arched nose – You’re smart, dedicated to your work and a talent in the organization.

5. Jar nose – You are spontaneous and you decide quickly. You are intelligent and do not quit until you obtain what you want.

6. Law nose – you have a strong character. You are passionate and temperamental. You get angry quickly.

7. Concave nose – You’re generous and ready to help those around you. You can be sensitive and easily hurt.

8. “Witch” nose – you are dedicated to what you do. You are a good friend and a good partner and always listen to what others have to say. You are realistic.

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