Wednesday, 20 November 2019

What Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

I’m 100% sure that you skipped the shower for several days, especially in the winter when it’s super cold, even for a week! But, what happens if you disregard your hygiene and avoid the bathtub for days?

When you’d stop to maintain regular hygiene, your skin would begin to pile up various microbes, bacteria and other various little tiny creatures, which in time could lead to unpleasant effects. For starters, the most affected area are the legs.

The feet should be washed regularly, because they’re locked all day in socks and shoes, so not maintain a regular hygiene will surely lead to unpleasant and dangerous fungal infections. Although everyday bathing is not recommended, especially not with soap, the legs should always be washed in order to prevent the development of microorganisms.

Besides the odor, which is present due to bacteria and not because of the sweat, it can indicate various irritations and inconveniences, therefore you should wash your intimate parts regularly, but not with a strong soap.

However, many people nowadays are not using the shower at all! And why? The reasons are amazing!

They claim that when you stop using detergent soaps, your ecosystem has a chance to right itself and, in so doing, offensive body odor largely disappears. A fact is that everyone these days washes with soap and shampoo, but this group of people claim that doing that is completely unnecessary.

Why? Well, everything they say comes with a fact. Fun fact is that daily showering is a relatively new phenomenon, but, doing that you disrupt your skin’s microbial balance. Also, people who are not using a shampoo for cleaning their hair, say that their hair has never been more healthier and prettier!

I don’t know. I just can’t seem to give up showering! But however, for those are thinking about it, there are live bacteria sprays now on the market, and you can spritz it on, and that way naturally enhance and protect your skin’s balance, while cleansing it of sweat and excess oil.

Also, a lot of new probiotic products like soaps, lotions and other personal care products are available at many health food stores, and it’s very well known that probiotics influence the health of your skin inside out.

However, this group of people believes that it’s much better to leave out all those soaps and shampoos and products away from you and let your skin balance itself naturally.


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