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7 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Your Blood Type!

Although our blood carries the same basic elements, it contains different antigens which form the four blood groups. If you’re not familiar with the term, antigens are elements on the surface of our red blood cells which act as their immune system.

Knowing our blood type isn’t important for donors only – in fact, many experts have revealed that it can say a lot about our health. Knowing our blood type and the way it affects our health can lead to the prevention of several ailments in the future and has much bigger implications for our health than we all previously thought.

Here are 7 interesting facts about your blood type:

1. It Affects Your Personality
Asian medicine relied on blood type in order to determine a person’s character. People with blood type A are kind and compassionate; those with blood type B are easygoing and extrovert; people with blood type AB are rational and strong, while those with blood type 0 are practical and organized.

2. It Affects Your Diet
Depending on our blood type, we should all follow a different diet. People with blood type O should consume lean meat, poultry and fresh fruit and vegetables, while those with blood type B should stay away from alcohol and trans fats.

If your blood type is A, you should add more citrus fruits in your diet, while people with blood type AB should control their acidity levels and digestion by including ACV and Manuka honey in their diet.

3. Your Blood Type Picks Your Ideal Partners!
Besides the four blood types, our blood can also be divided into Rh-negative and Rh-positive blood, which affects our pool of ideal partners. Partners with Rh-positive blood type should have no problems, but partners with different Rh blood types may have a baby with potential health risks.

4. It Affects Your Fertility
According to scientists, our blood type affects our fertility as well. One study found that women with blood type O have fewer eggs and are much less fertile, so it can be hard for them to get pregnant.

5. It Affects Your Belly Fat
If your blood type is A, you can blame it for your inability to lose that excess belly pouch. These people are also plagued with acid reflux, indigestion, bloating as well as diabetes.

6. It Affects Your Stress Levels
People with blood type A have a far higher level of cortisol in their blood and are more stressed, while those with blood type O are far angrier than others.

7. Knowing Your Blood Type Can Save Your Life
Knowing your blood type is of essential importance as it can save your life. Getting blood from a person with an incompatible blood type can cause serious health complications, so it might be better to prepare for it.

Here are even more interesting facts about your blood type:

  • People with blood type AB have a higher risk of dementia and memory problems;
  • All the blood types except for O have up to 80% higher risk of coronary artery disease and blood clots;
  • People with blood type O are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes and far more likely of developing pancreatic cancer. On the other hand, those with blood type A have the least risk of getting bitten by the annoying insects;
  • Blood transfusions save more than 250,000 lives annually;
  • More than half of the USA’s population can donate blood, although only 5% do so;
  • A healthy individual (at least 110 pounds and 17+ years) can safely donate blood every 2 months;
  • Cats have 11 blood types and cows have more than 800. Dogs, on the other hand, have 4 blood types just like us.


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