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How To Grow Eyebrows Faster & Thicker Naturally

Many people consider Thick Eyebrows as a sign of natural beauty.sometimes shaping and plucking eyebrows integral part of most women beauty. What if the natural growth of the eyebrows is slow. Now there is no need to worry because here we going to teach you some easy home remedies that will help you grow nice and thick eyebrows.there are some best eyebrow hair growth product’s but you don’t need them anymore.

Remedy using onion and honey

  • take the juice of 1 onion.
  • add a half of teaspoon of organic honey.
  • mix this well.

Preparation Method:
1. To use.take a small amount of the mixture and apply it using eyebrow brush before bedtime.keep it on overnight and rinse gently with the cold water in the morning.apply this mask every night for thick eyebrows.

About Remedy– this remedy is a honey onion growth mask.onions have high sulfur content.which helps you to stimulate eyebrow growth naturally, improves blood circulation and even prevents infections.honey is a natural moisturizer and it also contains vitamins which are useful for hair growth.honey neutralizes the pungent smell of onion juice.

Remedy using castor oil & coconut oil-S

  • 1.take 2 drops of castor oil.
  • 2.add 1 drop of coconut oil.
  • 3.mix this well.

Preparation Method:
1. using your finger.massage it onto your eyebrows for 2 minutes.

2. leave the mixture on overnight and gently rinse off with the cool water in the morning.

About Remedy:
caster oil is in rich of crinoline acid that improves the blood circulation to hair roots.it also provides moisture & protection from damage.coconut oil is what grows your eyebrows faster.

Extra Tips:
1.when massaging the eyebrows with oil.avoid contact with eyes.as it can irritate the eyes.

2.hair growth also depends on your internal health and your daily diet.make sure you exercise every day by improving blood circulation.and eat ntritious food.


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