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How To Treat Drooping Eyelids At Home

Droopy eyes can be a sign of aging, stress or excessive eye strain. There are various homemade remedies to get rid of the droopy eye and to make your eyes look as beautiful as ever. Here we go

1. Use of tea bags
Tea does wonder to cure your saggy or droopy eyelids. Once our eyelids muscles go weak, a lot of us suffer from this issue. The constant drooping eyelids can make your eyes look baggy.


  • Take any non-flavored tea bag.
  • Keep the tea bags in the refrigerator and let it cool.
  • Then place them on your eyelids and leave it for 30 minutes. It will tighten your skin gradually.
  • Follow this remedy for a few days to see a better result.

2. Try egg whites
Instead of spending on various lotions or creams, that claims to lift your saggy eyelids, try egg whites to tighten your skin.


  • Take out the white part of the egg.
  • With a help of a cotton swab, gently apply it over your eyelids.
  • Allow it to stay for some time and rinse off thoroughly to see the amazing results as egg contains skin-tightening properties.

3. Apply eyelid gels
Another very helpful technique that would help you to cure droopy eyelids is to use the eyelid gels.


  • Before applying the gel, wash your hand and face.
  • Apply some gel on your eyelids and leave it for 15 minutes to gently lift your eyelids upwards.
  • Try this twice a day and you will surely notice that your eyelids are firm and improved.

4. Take care of your sleep
Eyes are firmly related with healthy sleep and you have a drooping eyelids problem, you must get ample sleep. It is seen that the individuals who don’t get enough rest confront issues with their eyes. You should know that lack of rest can cause sagging eyelids, dark circles, a sleeping disorder, and related issues.

5. Eat and drink healthy
Hydration is the best natural remedy for treating sagging eyelids. Ensure to have ample water amid the day or else your skin will end up dull. Have a sound and healthy life, free from stress. Avoid junking at hotels or restaurants. Always cook healthy foods at home and add fruit juices, shakes and herbal tea in your diet. Drink enough water before going to sleep and that is one of the best remedies for drooping eyes.

6. Exercises for droopy eyelids problem
Eyelids become droopy when we don’t take proper care of it. Ensure that you give relax feeling to the muscles of your eyes. Apart from natural remedies, it is very important to do some exercise for your eyes.


  • Put your finger on your eyelids while keeping it closed.
  • Now wait for 10-15 seconds and then slowly release your skin.
  • Now place your finger on the area above the eyelids and softly pull the skin towards your eye.
  • Do it thrice a day to get quick results.
  • Droopy eyes are not attractive and can hinder one’s confidence but where there is a will there is a way.

You can anytime try these mind-blowing remedies at home and get rid of those droopy eyelids. Hope it helps!


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