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The Magic Onion: Things That You Didn’t Know Onions Could Do

The land of the onion is Asia Minor. It is one of the most prevalent herbs. It grows almost in all parts of the world.

Chemical composition: The onion contains many vitamins C, E, group B, PP, provitamin A, as well as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine salts. The content of essential oil and phytoconde can easily be determined according to the specific smell of onions.

Medicinal properties:
The healing properties of onions have long been known. He, above all, removes clogging and stimulates appetite. It can be used practically against all diseases. Above all, it should be noted that the onions have a rejuvenating effect, and this was not only used by women, but by all people.

Freshly prepared juice of onions is recommended for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, angina, and festering wounds that can not be healed for a long time. The grated onion, mixed with honey, heals the dry cough of bronchitis. When it comes to colds, the odor of the onion should be inhaled or the mucous membrane of the nose may be caught. Fresh juice can be consumed in angina. A large amount of vitamin C allows the onion to be used in hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis.

The onion improves the work of the heart, enlarges the blood vessels and thus reduces the pressure and stimulates the operation of the lazy intestines. By drying the onion loses its anger and smell, and with its healing. Therefore the onion must be used solely and extremely cruel. The onion is widely used in medicinal, healthy eating. The method of treating festering wounds with onions has long been known. The wound should be steamed with freshly crushed onions for 5 to 10 minutes. And the onion should be put on the onion. Also, the onions can be cut in half, fried on fire, while it is still warm to put on the ulcer to open as quickly as possible. Or, cut the onion finely and mix it with a little oil, bread, and soap so that the porridge is placed on the ulcers.

Hang onion in your house
You can hang onion in a room or in a kitchen during epidemics, the onion removes microbes and viruses. When changing the climate, it’s great to eat onions with bread. The cooked onion onions soften the body and remove acidity. The cooked onion in vinegar or onions, which is kept in vinegar, is beneficial against jaundice, spleen diseases. Improving appetite and digestion of food in the body. The use of freshly squeezed juice from fresh onions is practiced as an antidote to scorpion bites. Putting a crushed onion on the bite is also a proven effective tool.

Soothing on the skin with fresh onion juice is applied to improve the circulation of the skin from the face and to improve the tone.

Excessive amounts of fresh onions are harmful: they can cause a headache and memory impediments. The cooked, especially well-cooked onions do not cause any harmful consequences. To remove the consequences that the fresh onion causes for health, it should be washed in cold water with salt and eaten with vinegar. The smell of onion in the mouth is removed with fried nuts or with bread baked on a plate.


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