Saturday, 7 December 2019

Vaseline With 1 Vitamin E Capsule Can Change Your Skin Overnight

We all know about vaseline and vitamin E oil, they both are widely used in daily skin care routine. Both of them are individually good for your skin and offer many benefits but have you ever tried combination of these too.

Ttoday in this post I am going to share some of the beauty hacks that you can follow with this amazing combination

  • Take 2 tsp vaseline in  a clean bowl
  • Add oil of 4 vitamin E capsules
  • Mix them very well until they both are mixed very well
  • You can easily store this cream in an y plastic container upto 1 month (Store it in refrigerator)

Now let me tell you some of the amazing uses of this cream

  • Very effective for under eye dark circle sand puffy eyes. Just apply this cream on your under eye area and leave it overnight
  • You can use this as an anti wrinkle treatment overnight. Apply this cream all over your wrinkles and leave it overnight. Vaseline will hydrate your skin very well and soon wrinkles will disappear
  • Very effective for dark spots and blemishes as this cream is rich in vitamin E
  • During night you can use this cream as body lotion for hands and feet
  • You can use this cream on your eyebrows and they will stay in shape
  • Apply this on your lips and they will never become dry
  • Apply this on cracked heels and cover them with socks. Leave it overnight
  • Also an effective remedy for stretch marks

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