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The Ultimate Plank Challenge For 21 Days To Get The Perfect Body

Do you want that flat tummy with your abs hinting out? Also, do you not want to spend a lot of time in the gym? Well, then this program is best suited for you. It will give you a tight core and those abs you have always wanted. But, consistency is the key. You have to be consistent about what you want, and work out regularly. Maintain your diet too. Abs aren’t built while eating burgers and pizzas.

Let’s get to it. A simple plank program, over 21 days.

Day 1- 2
Do planks for 30 seconds. With proper form and posture.

Day 3-7
Add a set to your planks- so, it gets 30 seconds x 2. Do one set in the morning, one at night.  If you can pull one single set for 60 seconds, more power to you.

Day 8-10
Now, do two sets of 60 seconds. It might be getting tough for you, but don’t lose it now. Hold it, and start getting in the groove.

Day 11- 15
Now you are an expert of the basic plank. So, try changing it. Up the ante into side planks, or superman planks, where one of your hand is in the air, while the other is maintaining the exercise. It is important for you to do them for 60 seconds, so don’t go and start doing the hardest you can find, in the beginning.

Day 16- 18
You have crossed all the hurdles, except the penultimate one, where you stop focusing on how much time you have been doing it for, and simply do it. Let it go over a minute, 70 seconds, 80, 90, do it till your body starts vibrating. And then slowly let yourself drop. But remember never to let go of the posture.

Day 19-21
For the end, simply do as many variations as you can, for as long as you can without losing your form. Do up to 4 sets a day- one in the morning, two in the afternoon, and one again before you go to bed. Don’t lose this progress.


  • Keep holding your breath
  • Slacken your posture
  • Placing your hands too close to each other
  • Do one position for a longer interval of time. Do small, but perfect.

Do this and get your dream body.

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