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10 Signs That Your Liver Is In A Precarious Condition

One of the most common problems that happen to people above 40 is related to the liver. You may think that it is simply because of what you consume but it is not always so. On certain occasions, some other parameters can also result in a damaged liver. But it isn’t that your body doesn’t signal you. It is up to you to decipher the signs and prevent your liver from getting damaged. You might not know, but it can get fatal.

Here are 10 signs that will help you acknowledge the problem your body is going through.

Stomach Swelling
It hints at the fact that your liver is troubled. Especially if it is just beneath the rib cage, things can be serious for you.

Sharp Pain In The Stomach
Stomach pain in the event of liver damage will always occur underneath the swelling. It happens at intervals, and the moment the pain goes beyond your control- see a doctor.

Feeling Exhausted
Exhaustion can be one major sign of liver damage. Your liver is over-burdened by the toxins and can’t function. But the body continues to work- this causes fatigue.

Wounds Take Longer To Heal
As the blood becomes thin due to the lack of proteins, any wound would take longer to heal. Also, people who have liver damage usually have an extremely low platelet count. This means that their wounds take a lot of time to clot.

When you are nauseated or you feel queasy for quite some time, you should get it checked. Queasiness comes into play only when your liver can’t do its work. It can get life-threatening if not taken care of.

Liver damage will lead you to heave. It might be in two different ways, both of them being equally bad. One, where you are dry heaving because the liver is not capable of doing away with the toxins, and second when you regurgitate your previous meal back as your liver can’t seem to hold it in.

Loose Motion
When your liver is malfunctioning, every form of bowel activity goes for a toss.

Sense of Feeling Full
You could be starving, but your brain will ask your body to not consume more food for your liver will give the illusion of being filled. So, when you still consume more food- you end up puking.

You Have Been Diagnosed With Jaundice

It isn’t just another illness for kids but it affects adults too. When the liver ceases working, the toxins get transformed into bile. This then leads to unusually yellow eyes and urine. If you see this taking place, we probably don’t have to tell you to begin your treatment immediately.

Issues of the Psyche
Some symptoms of liver damage can affect the brain too- leading to a loss of focus or concentration- sometimes even leading to Alzheimer’s.

There is no reason why you should be reckless with your health. If you see any of these symptoms, go see a doctor immediately.

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