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Here's What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Two Eggs Per Day

These are 9 things that happen to your body if you eat two eggs a day. No 3 I'd Never Expected

Those who love eggs will have heard it many times: eating too much does not go well on the blood cholesterol level.

In fact, several studies have shown that there is no need to give up their favorite food.  On the contrary: Two eggs a day can be a real paradise for our organism. Hard to believe, right?
When these 9 benefits are discovered, you will no longer feel guilty next time you eat for two days

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1. It reduces the risk of heart disease. Chicken eggs are rich in cholesterol, 400 milligrams of ammonia for each egg.

High levels of cholesterol in the blood increase exponentially the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease

Contrary to popular beliefs, eggs do not help raise these levels.

explanation lies in the fact that the production of gall fat is reduced with a high intake of cholesterol.

In addition, it is important to remember that only one third of blood cholesterol levels comes from food, it is the body that produces the most.

This is also confirmed by the results of a study (here you can read the extract in English) performed by the biomedical research center in Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA).

The involved subjects, 152 people are overweight, divided into three groups. The first one had to eat something for breakfast; secondly, there were two eggs on the menu and the third was served a bagel each morning.

The findings found by the researchers were surprising: the substances that took eggs every day lost 65% of the cases more weight and 35% more gastric fat than those who consumed bagels – but the levels of cholesterol in the blood did not last.

The high content of omega fatty acids 3 in eggs also ensures that triglycerides in the blood decrease

Therefore, the risk of cardiovascular disease is lower. In fact, the levels of high triglycerides increase the incidence of this type of disease

2. Folic acid insufficiency is prevented during pregnancy. An egg contains 0.7 microgram of vitamin B9, also called folic acid

It is a particularly important vitamin during pregnancy for the fetus to develop properly.

The defect can actually cause malformation of the margin. backbone, backbone and brain

Therefore, eggs are a good food for the proper intake of this vitamin

3. The aging process is slowing down A study conducted by the Charité Institute in Berlin has shown that eggs from hens Burning on the ground can slow down the aging process and prevent skin cancer.

Researcher Karoline Hesterberg and Professor Jürgen Lademann have shown that eggs contain natural dyes, such as carotenoids (antioxidants) that promote the poorer aging process.

Beta carotene is produced by the body itself but can also be found in food. It has the ability to absorb free radicals, which makes them harmless.

To make the most of this rejuvenation effect, attention should be paid to the preparation:

"A hard boiled egg contains more carotenoids than raw, because the conversion process occurs at high temperatures," explained the professor at the head of the research group.

4. The risk of cancer decreases A study published in the scientific magazine "Breast Cancer Research" (to this link extracted with the most important results in English) showed that women who eat eggs every day in their youth can reduce the risk of breast cancer at 18%.

Egg contains many amino acids, minerals and vitamins and regulates the level of estrogen in the body. The increase in estrogen levels is considered a possible cause of breast cancer.

5. You have advantages on skin, hair and liver. Eggs are rich in biotin, vitamin B12 and proteins, important nutrients for skin and hair health and beauty.

Especially as found in egg yolk, it helps to strengthen and make the hair shiny. In addition, the egg contains lecithin, which protects the intestinal mucosa and facilitates the liver's activity.

6. Good eye health promoted. Did you know that you can improve vision significantly by eating eggs?

They contain vitamin A, lutein and zeanatin. Vitamin A is very important for the perception of light and dark, while lutein and zeanatina protect the eye from free radicals, improves color perception and day vision.

When there is lutein and zeanatin deficiency, there is a risk of major damage to the eye tissues and increases the incidence of diseases such as cataracts.

7. You have a faster metabolism. Carbohydrates have a higher glycemic index than proteins

High glycemic index foods favor the presence of glucose in the blood. But these glucose levels drop rapidly, causing us to feel a great sense of hunger.

For those who want to follow a controlled diet, it is important to avoid this type of food.

Eggs are perfect in that sense because they have a glycemic idiot of 0, they also help to lose weight, because the body uses much more calories to burn proteins compared to carbohydrates and fats.

8. It protects the brain and ensures proper metabolism. Egg contains choline, a nutrient necessary for the function of metabolism, as well as metabolism of lipids (cats).

In addition, the colony of the brain and nerves of the neurotransmitter is converted to acetylcholine in the transmission of stimuli.

Cholinemia can cause memory problems and weight problems in the fetus (which grows very little). Two eggs a day cover the body's needs.

9. The healthy legs are maintained and the necessary calcium reserves are secured. Vitamin D and calcium are known to be crucial for the teeth and the health of the legs.

A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology in Bethesda (Maryland, USA) has shown this. In addition, vitamin D promotes better calcium absorption

As you have seen, eggs are far from harmful to health.

One should, however, ensure that eggs come from a biological breeding to avoid taking toxic substances.

A healthy person can eat up to two eggs a day without fear. However, diabetics and people with heart failure should stay at no more than 2 per week. Source: BENESSEREFeed

This article does not in any way replace patient / doctor relationship, it has a dissemination function and does not intend to constitute a guide to self-medication, diagnosis or treatment.

Suggestions and General Advice are aimed exclusively at encouraging new and improved eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Pathologies and certain physiological conditions require direct intervention of a professional and collaboration by the attending physician.

It is always advisable to consult the doctor before taking significant changes in daily habits.


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