Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Massage This Point Between The Eyebrows: This Is the Incredible Effect It Has on Your Body!

Often times, throughout life, people experience lack of mental energy to do certain tasks in life. Hence, at times, people become more frazzled and as a result, they become less and less able to focus on the tasks at hand. Feeling overwhelmed has become part of our busy lives.

According to, the ancient Chinese discovered that when pressure is applied to specific body parts, certain diseases and conditions can be treated. Additionally, this technique is also known to improve the concentration and the overall well-being.

If you apply pressure to certain areas of the body throughout the day, you can improve your mental strength and clear your mind. This will result in a more productive you. As written in an article by Inspire Portal, GV20, GB14, GV24.5, and GV26, can be massaged separately or together and this will calm your mind and clear your thoughts. GV20 should be massaged if you want to better your memory, mental clarity, and concentration.

For problems with memory, massage GB14. Also, when you feel that you lack creativity, mental focus, and steady feet, you should massage GV26. As seen on Acupressure Wellness, GV24.5 is the home of thoughts, knowledge, imagination, intuition, and vision. When this point is gently pressured, the person becomes calmer and has clear ideas and an increased intuition.

According to, pressure should be applied to GV24.5 and GV20 at the same time for 3 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning.

What else can be done for the improvement of one’s mental energy?

Along with acupressure, as seen on Shift, there are other ways to improve your mental strength and focus. First, you need to stop multitasking, and instead focus on the task at hand until it’s done because this way is less burdening for the brain. Moreover, you should also remove clutter from your working space and make sure that the music you’re listening while working is not a distraction, but a help.

Some people function better while listening to music, whereas others prefer working in silence. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the most suiting option for you. Last, but not least, proper diet is crucial. Namely, the vitamins, proteins, and sugars you intake influence your concentration immensely.

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