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5 Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer women should Never Ignore

As we all know, cancer is one of the most, perhaps the deadliest diseases affecting a decent number of people around the world. Treatment of cancer, especially of the third or fourth stage is not easy at all. Cancer never develops all of a sudden; it takes months, even years, to develop properly.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of different types of cancers, but most often than not, these signs are either less prominent or silent. If you are conscious and active enough about your health, you can certainly prevent the development of cancer.

Here are five early signs of ovarian cancer you might be ignoring already. Keeping these warning signs in mind can be immensely helpful for you to keep ovarian cancer at bay.

5 Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer women should Never Ignore:

1.Constant Abdominal Pain:
Abdominal pain is a normal condition for most of the women, but it is affecting you constantly, it can be a signal of cancerous development in your ovaries. If you are constantly suffering from chronic abdominal pain, it can be a strong warning sign for something serious, even ovarian cancer.

2.Lower Back Problems:
Feeling the lower back discomforts is also a common part of a woman’s life, but if you are facing it regularly, you shouldn’t ignore it. Suffering from lower back pain, especially during periods or pregnancy is okay, but if the pain remains for more than a week, or comes at very frequent intervals, you should start taking it seriously.

Visiting an experienced doctor can be helpful for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3.Frequent Urination:
Although, it can happen due to some other conditions like diabetes, obesity, and pregnancy etc. frequent urination can also be a strong indicator of ovarian cancer. There might be some other problems like weakness of the pelvic muscles, urinary tract infection, and prolonged usage of specific medications, but the probability of ovarian cancer can’t be ignored either.

4.Abnormal Menstrual Cycles:
Having a normal menstrual cycle has become a very uncommon thing for women. Almost every woman is suffering from some degree of abnormality with the menstrual cycles. There are plenty of reasons for it, including lifestyle, diet, usage of medications, etc.

If you are constantly suffering from abnormal menstrual cycles, it might be an indication of ovarian cancer. You must seek medical attention as soon as possible.

5.Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding:
Vaginal bleeding is not something new for women, especially those who’re married. There are numerous factors responsible for abnormal vaginal bleeding, but you can’t overlook the probability of ovarian cancer. You must ask your doctor for a proper investigation and diagnosis.

None of these conditions is particular signs of ovarian cancer, but they are strong enough to indicate the cancerous development of the ovaries. You shouldn’t ignore these signs at any cost. You can easily track these signs if you’re determined enough for your health.

So, always keep these signs in mind and be alerted if they come back frequently. After all, prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to cancer, prevention is definitely a better option.


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