Sunday, 14 June 2020

Neck Pain Treatment: This Unusual Stretch Relieves Stiff Neck in 90 Seconds!

Do you suffer from tension headaches or stiff muscles like I do? I have some alignment problems in my neck and jaw, and those can easily translate to pain if I do something wrong. And that can be something as simple as leaning forward too long staring at the computer screen or bending my neck the wrong way in my sleep.

I have discovered a few tricks which have helped me out with my pain issues. Magnesium oil for one is very helpful. On that note, Epsom salt can be very helpful as well. But none of this really helps to stretch the muscles and to fix alignment issues.

So I was hunting around to see if I could find any recommendations for quick stretches I could do to relieve tension in my neck. I then ran into a video from a very smart doctor who came up with a stretch you can do in just 90 seconds. So far I have had excellent results with this stretch, as have a lot of YouTubers:

Video Demonstration of the Stretch:

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This is the perfect stretch to perform if you have been sitting and working at the computer for a long time, if you have slept in a weird position, or if you have simply strained your neck exercising or doing an everyday task. Since it only takes a minute and a half, you can even do it at the office. Doing this a few times throughout the day can really help you out. Give it a try; I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

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