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Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women

There are many methods for facial hair removal that women have been using for ages , but none of them is permanent .they only last for 15 days or less .if you are tired of the regular methods and you want to get rid of facial hair permanently then you should try some clinical methods , these methods are becoming a trend nowadays as they are pain free and provide great results .read the following article to chose which option is better for you , also you will find some home remedies that can help you get rid of the unwanted hair for good .

1- Laser Hair Removal
Laser is a pulsating beam of light. This beam produces intense heat which damages the follicles of hair on the skin part where unwanted hair is growing. It can be used safely on the face. You will not see results from the first session but you need a number of sessions that should be determined by your doctor. Laser hair removal works well for people who have light skin but dark hair.

2 –Electrolysis
This procedure works by inserting a tiny needle or probe into the follicle of the hair to heat it thus destroying and ending the growth center of that particular hair strand. The hair strand is then removed by tweezers. The only disadvantage is that this process is very time consuming as each hair will be removed one by one. It is a bit painful as well. The cost depends on the time taken to complete the procedure.

3- Home Remedies
natural products were used by many people who claimed that they gave them great and satisfactory results. Thanaka powder is very popular as a natural remedy for removing unwanted hair. This powder is mixed with safflower oil to form a paste which should be left on the skin overnight. For best results, you should use it for a period of three to four months.

another effective natural remedy is Turmeric .you can apply a Mix of turmeric with water or milk on the skin which should be in a form of a paste. Rinse off after 20 to 30 minutes. Another paste that can be beneficial is the one made of basil leaves and the transparent membranes found in onions While natural remedies may work for some people, effectiveness of these products cannot be guaranteed.

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