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The Meaning Of The Most Common Nightmares

All people had a nightmare at least once in their lives. Nightmares can be very disturbing and frightening. They also hide their meaning that can help you find out the secrets of your psyche.
Experts believe that nightmares are the way your subconscious has drawn attention to the situation you are avoiding, but which obviously causes problems. Therefore, the best solution is to face the situation.

Perhaps you did not know that there are dreamy and scientific interpretations of nightmares. In the following, read the interpretations of the most common nightmares …

The most common nightmares and their meaning

Dream interpretation: Dreaming spiders usually means that someone your loved one (usually a parent or mother’s figure) is very busy and “knit a grid” around your life. You may feel as outcasts in certain situations. Or you may be trying to keep yourself away from some tempting temptation.

Scientific Interpretation: Spiders are the most common types of hypnagogic hallucinations. These are vivid sensations that resemble the dreams that occur to people when they hear, see, feel, or smell something that happened shortly before falling asleep. 10% of the population experience hallucinations during sleep.

Drowning and waves
Dream interpretation: The oceans represent emotions. So if you dream of drowning in the ocean, it usually means that you are flooded with emotions suppressed. You feel exhausted, you have too many obligations and endeavor to endure.

Scientific Interpretation: If you are dreaming that you are drowning, it means you have difficulty breathing while sleeping. Most likely a sleep apnea or an unconscious muscle spasm that occurs when people fall asleep.

Dream interpretation: If you dream of falling, it means that you feel as if you have failed or that a certain situation in your life begins to deteriorate. Also, you feel that you have no control over things and that you are stuck in a hole from which you try to exit.

Scientific Interpretation: The feeling of falling can result from the fluid that passes into your inner ear. If you experience a feeling of falling along with muscle spasms, this means that you are experiencing a hypnagogic trembling that usually occurs before falling asleep.

Falling of teeth
Dream interpretation: It’s hard to say how you feel or express yourself. If you are dreaming about how your teeth are falling, it is a sign of insecurity or concern about the look. This dream can also mean that you make a huge compromise or that you do not want to make an important decision in life. You feel that you have no control over the situation. Because such a dream is associated with the physical appearance, it may stem from your fear of refusal or from the knowledge that you are getting older. Studies have confirmed that women in menopause are more likely to have nightmares associated with teeth. Therefore, this dream is associated with the aging process and the complex of lower value.

Scientific Interpretation: According to scientists, if you are dreaming of falling teeth, it means that you have an anxiety problem.

Someone is chasing you
Dream interpretation: If you dream that someone is chasing you, it means that you are feeling helpless in a certain situation. Or that you avoid the real life problem that you need to face. You may be avoiding something painful or scary. If you keep dreaming how someone is chasing you, it’s a sign that it’s time to deal with the problem you’re running away from.

Scientific Interpretation: Your instinct for survival has been activated. In a survey of 1,000 adult Germans, 26% of them dreamed of someone else chasing them.

Being late
Dream interpretation: You have too many obligations at the moment and you cannot withstand more. You may feel that you have missed an important chance in life. You feel unprepared and you are likely to go through major life changes that you cannot adjust.

Scientific Interpretation: In the same research that we mentioned above, 24% of Germans dreamed of being late.

Dreams interpretation: If you dream that you are frozen, it means that something in your life has been rejected or ignored. It can also mean that your emotions are a bit cooler than usual.

Scientific Interpretation: Sleep paralysis is remembered in ancient times, and science explains that nightmares associated with freezing are just that. About 5% of the population regularly experiences sleep paralysis.

Making a test
Dream Interpretation: You are concerned that you are not performing your current obligations or are anxious, because you are not sure if you will succeed.

Scientific Interpretation: Some scientists believe that dreaming occurs as the brain draws information, so this dream is more common in people who really go to school.

Naked in public
Dream interpretation: If you dream that you are naked in public, this means that you are very anxious and self-conscious or that you are not consistent with yourself. This dream means you feel very vulnerable.

Scientific Interpretation: Dreams induced by anxiety are one of the most common examples of recurring dreams and are experienced by 60% -75% of adults.

A vehicle that is out of control
Dream interpretation: You have no control over your life and you are trying to control a situation in which you feel helpless. You are not ready to take on some responsibilities. If you are travelers, you may feel that you are giving control to someone and you do not like it. You are not ready to give up control.

Scientific Interpretation: If you have experienced a car accident, this dream comes from a post-traumatic disorder caused by the incident and in this way the brain is trying to cope with the trauma.

Dream interpretation: If you dream of your own death, it means that major changes are taking place in your life. Death is usually a positive symbol of new beginnings, self-cognition or internal changes. But the appearance of death in dreams can symbolically represent the end of something in your life, such as a relationship or work.

Scientific Interpretation: If someone in your life has died, such vivid and meaningful dreams are a key element of the process of grieving. In this way, your brain handles sorrow and trauma.


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