Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Gases And Bloating Will Disappear With The Help Of These 4 Essential Oils!

Bloating can be a really unpleasant problem for many people. It causes discomfort and people often feel embarrassed by it. When the food we intake is digested by the esophagus, gases appear. The lower abdomen becomes full of them which causes the appearance of flatulence e.g. swelling. There are people who have very serious problems because of the gases. The cases are rare, but if the gas starts going upwards, angina pectoris and other serious conditions may appear.
These foods are the ones you should know cause more gases as well as flatulence:

1. Pulses

Food which belongs to the group of lentils isn’t digested that easily. They are full of oligosaccharides which cause the appearance of gases as well as digestion that becomes very difficult.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

These are full of indigestible cellulose that causes the releasing of air and the body does everything in order to digest them. Prunes, as well as apricots, can also cause the appearance of gases because they contain a lot of sugar.

3. Cereals

Cereals are abundant in simple sugars, indigestible fiber, and cellulose.

4. Artificial sweeteners and milk

Nowadays, being lactose intolerant isn’t something strange. Artificial sweeteners, as well as milk, are full of fructose and similar types of sugar that can’t be digested easily.

Today, we’re also presenting you 4 of the best essential oils you can use against flatulence or bloating!

Peppermint oil
You can take it in the form of capsules, ingest it internally and use it only externally.

It helps you alleviate the visceral muscles from your tummy and cramps appear rarely. The muscles become reduced, so the accumulation of gases is reduced.

Ginger oil
Ginger is one of the ingredients that help you burn fat easily. It is pungent which means that it causes the appearance of heat, so the muscular fibers from your belly which are tense because of the gas become relieved and the gas disappears.

Chamomile oil
Chamomile oil is aromatic and you can also take it internally. People love drinking chamomile tea as it is really relaxing.

It can also help you against diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, etc. The cramps disappear easily, too, especially in women who have problems with stomachache during their menstrual cycle.

Cumin oil
You can take cumin in the form of tea, but also as oil. You start having improved digestion and metabolism. Your tummy produces a smaller amount of gases and you become relieved.

When your metabolism is improved, your complete health improves, so you start gaining muscles, but you also lose weight!

Cumin oil is mostly used as a part of the traditional Ayurvedic medicine because it’s full of beneficial and medicinal properties.
Try these natural remedies now and get rid of gases and flatulence instantly!


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