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How Your Month Of Birth Determines Which Diseases You Are Likely To Get?

As much as it sounded superstitious, a number of different researches discovered connection between the month in which the person was born and health, weight at birth, life expectancy, and even the beginning of puberty.

The month of your birth can affect which diseases will afflict you, according to new research. Spanish scientists have discovered that the month of your birth has a significant role in physical health. They claim seasonal changes in ultraviolet rays, vitamin D levels and viruses – more common in the winter – could affect the way a fetus develops.


People born in the first month, on average, suffer from high blood pressure, lung cancer and heart disease. Also, they have twice as many type 2 diabetes and obesity as compared to other people. Several studies have shown that people born in January and December have a greater tendency to become depressed and schizophrenic. In the darkest winter month, lack of vitamin D leads to a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness. In spite of all this, these people have a long life span.

Many people born in February suffer from a weakened immune system. This leads to the development of pollen allergy, as well as other allergic diseases. They also often suffer from lung and prostate cancer, as well as vascular clasification. On the other hand, people born in February rarely have bite insects.

People born in March often suffer from angina pectoris. Among women, frequent extremes are either overly obese or anorexic. A bad spot of people born this month is their heart. They often suffer from ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. Are not so rare ventricular fibrillation and prostate cancer. Like people born in February, and people born in March suffer from pollen allergy.

People born in April have an increased risk of cancer. In their case, often occur and pulmonary and respiratory diseases as well as heart disease. And suffer from sore throats, or less commonly, from bronchitis. In adulthood, they usually have a pessimistic view of the world and develop depression. They are also prone to drinking alcohol.

First, good news for people born in May and July – they are less likely to get sick than others. The tendency to develop cancer is significantly low in them. However, they have an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, and gluten intolerance. People born in May, often become depressed in the elderly. The suicide rate is 17% higher in relation to persons born in autumn or winter.

When stressed, people born in June have poor appetite. They have a tendency to anorexia 30% higher than average, and high risk of developing diabetes and heart disease in older age. However, they rarely suffer from cancer or heart attack. They are optimistic and have a cheerful view of life.

People born in July generally do not have problems with depression. However, their weakest points are the digestive system, as well as teeth and bones. In addition, they are more commonly ill with type 1 diabetes. It is also interesting that there are generally fewer children than others. However, they also have a good reason to be happy – born in July have the lowest risk of stroke and infarction and rarely have cancer.

People born in August often suffer from allergies to dust and mites. In addition, they often have conjunctivitis. However, those born in this month have very healthy heart and are less prone to heart attacks and stroke. Also, there have very small chances of having cancer or asthma.

Born in September often have problems with childhood eczema. Nevertheless, in time, this problem mostly disappears. In addition, they also have less chances of having diabetes, heart disease, or inflammation of the tonsils. However, they often have a problem with stomach, respiratory inflammation and allergy to mites and dust.

If you were born in October, you have become tougher so far. October children suffer from almost all kinds of illnesses, including bone fractures, osteoporosis, teeth problems, and far above the average, they also suffer from asthma, have problems with the veins and infections of the respiratory organs. However, not everything is so black. Born in October, they have the longest lifespan and very low chances of cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Acute bronchitis, viruses, neurodermatitis, neurological disorders, and weight gain are very common in people born in November. However, frequent illnesses of the present, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, are very rarely affected. In addition, their life expectancy is longer than average, and besides, they rarely have problems with fertility and reproductive organs.


Born in December, they have an increased risk of various types of injuries, such as fractures, nausea, bruising. Also, among them are very common illnesses such as schizophrenia and manic depression. However, they have a lifespan above the average and are largely paid for diseases common to the elderly, such as diabetes and heart disease.


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